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The Scorpions: There and Back

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The Scorpions are a German hard rock band. The most famous songs of this band of Hanover, Germany are: “Rock You Like A Hurricane”, the rock anthem of the 80’s, “Loving You” and “Wind of Change.” The current members of the Scorpions are: Klaus Meine (vocals), Matthias Jabs (guitars), Rudolf Schenker (guitars), James Kottak (drums) and Pawel Maciwoda (bass). In 1965, Rudolf Schenker decided that he wanted to find a band. The band that Schenker wanted began its formation when vocalist Klaus Meine and his younger brother Michael Schenker joined it. In 1972, the band released Lonesome Crow, their debut album. At that time, the Scorpions were conformed by Klaus Meine (vocals), Rudolph Schenker (guitar), Michael Schenker (guitar), Lothar Heimberg (bass) and Wolfgang Dziony (drums).

During their tour of Lonesome Crow, they were the opening act of a British band called UFO. By the time the tour ended, Michael Schenker accepted an offer of UFO and joined them as their main guitarist, leading to the break up of the Scorpions. In 1973, Uli Roth was the guitarist of a band called Dawn Road. After some talks, Rudolf Schenker joined the band; then, he invited Klaus Meine. Schenker and Meine joined Uli Roth (guitar), Francis Buchholz (bass) and Juergen Rosenthal (drums). All of them decided that it would be better to use the Scorpions name because of the fame that it had in Germany. Some hit singles of the Scorpions are: “Rhythm of Love”, “Passion Rules The Game” and “Send Me An Angel.”

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