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Ani DiFranco

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Ani DiFranco, born Angela Marie Difranco on September 23rd, 1970, is a progressive singer from the United States. She was born in Buffalo, New York, and her parents were always fond of folk music. She began her musical career at the age of nine, when her guitar professor helped her perform her first concert.

Her initial influences were Suzanne Vega and Michelle Shocked, but she left music for a while to study ballet. However, at the age of 14, Ani DiFranco returned to the guitar and composition. A year later, Ani left her home to live in friend’s houses until her name was heard among the bands of Buffalo. In 1989, at the age of 18, she established her own music label, Righteous Babe Records, with scarce 50 dollars and recorded “Ani DiFranco”, which was released in 1990.

The music of Ani DiFranco is a mix of styles, a punk-folk of sorts, with a staccato style, often categorized as folk rock or alternative rock. Her virtuosity with the acoustic guitar is especially noticeable in the song “Out of Range” of the album of the same name. Her lyrics have also received reverence due to their sophistication, alliteration, and word games in general, which are an essential component in Ani’s songs. Irony and metaphors also play an important role within most of Ani’s lyrics.

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