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Yonder Mountain String Band: Friendliness and Good Bluegrass

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Yonder Mountain String Band is one of Bluegrass music’s many talents. Even though the Yonder Mountain String Band was created in Nederland, Colorado, its beginning goes farther back to Urbana, IL, where Dave Johnston, who plays the banjo, met Jeff Austin who is a mandolin player. Both integrants moved to Nederland; in this place they met Adam Aijala, who is a guitarist. In boulder, at the Fox Theater, they debuted as Yonder Mountain String Band, in December 1998.

Their first album was released in 1999, and the name of it is Elevation; since that moment on, they have caused great enthusiasm among bluegrass devotees and fans. This album was released under their own label: Frog Pad Records. One year later, Yonder Mountain String Band launched playing at bigger locations; for example the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco, California. Their second album, Mountain Tracks, Vol.1 was released in 2001, and during this same year they released another recording, called Town by Town. They had such a big success with their first live album that they released a second one, called Mountain Tracks, Vol. 2 in 2002. Their artistic activity has been very productive and thriving, and their creativity let them to release a new album in 2003, by the name of Old Hands.

Yonder Mountain String Band specializes on progressive bluegrass and their influence is varied. This band is formed by four integrants: Jeff Austin in the mandolin; Ben Kaufmann, who plays the bass, and performs vocals; Dave Johnston, who is in charge of the banjo and vocals too, and finally, Adam Aijala on the guitar and vocals.

Undoubtedly, Yonder Mountain String Band’s success is due to their exceptional quality and the friendliness, team work and appreciation for bluegrass music.

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