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Third Eye Blind: Looking For Good Music?

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Third Eye blind is a post grunge alternative rock group that was formed in the early 90’s. It was formed by the singer, guitarist and songwriter Stephan Jenkins, Tony Fredianelli who is guitarist, Jason Slater the bassist and the drummer Adrian Burley. There have been some changes in the band and it is now composed by Stephan, a new guitarist named Arion Salazar, new drummer Brad Hargreaves and Tony. Several occasions the ex Smash Mouth drummer Michael Urbano and the Primus drummer Tim Wright have played with the band.

In 1997 Third Eye Blind released their self titled debut record; it contains some of their most known songs like “Semi Charmed Life”, “Jumper” and “How Is It Gonna Be”. This record sold more than 6 million copies in the US and other countries of the world. By 1999 the group released their second record entitled “Blue” but it was not very accepted by their fans whose considered the songs as too pop except for the single “Never Let You Go”. This record sold 2 million copies only.

Actually it has been also considered as an experimental album of Third Eye Blind due to the difference among this record and the first one that did not have an established musical style. In 2003 the group launched their third disc which was named “Out of The Vein”. It debuted on the position number 12 of the Billboard 200. Regardless of that, the fans of the band still considered it lack of professionalism of the music videos and some singles (they are still considered as a pop band).

The single “Semi Charmed Life” won the Billboard Music Award for Modern Rock Track of the Year in 1997 in 1998 Third Eye Blind was nominated to two Grammy Awards for Favorite New Artist Pop Rock and also for Favorite Artist Alternative. The fans of the group are now waiting for the release of the new disc of the band that will be supposedly released this year.

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