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Skin Yard Inspired Other Bands

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Skin Yard was a grunge band from Seattle. They were an influence for pioneers of grunge such as The Melvins, Green River and Soundgarden. Despite this fact, Skin Yard was not able to have massive success. This band was formed in January 1985. The members of Skin Yard were: Ben McMillan (Vocals from 1985 to 1993), Daniel House (Bass from 1985 to 1991), Jack Endino (Guitar from 1985 to 1993), Matt Cameron (Drums from 1985 to 1986), Steve Wied (Drums, 1986), Greg Gilmore (Drums, 1986), Jason Finn (Drums from 1986 to 1987), Scott McCullum (Drums from 1987 to 1989), Pat Pederson (Bass from 1991 to 1993) and Barrett Martin (Drums from 1990 to 1993).

In June 1985, Skin Yard had their first show; they were the opening act of the U-Men. Skin Yard was featured on a compilation album called the Deep Six, which included the first commercial recordings of Soundgarden, The Melvins, Malfunkshun, Green River and Skin Yard. The discography of Skin Yard includes: Skin Yard, Hallowed Ground, Fist Sized Chunks, 1,000 Smiling Knuckles and Inside the Eye. The band was dissolved after the release of their 5th album. Most of their members continued to work in other music projects.

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