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A. R. Rahman: Successful, Without a Doubt

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A. R. Rahman (Allah Rakha Rahman) is a famed popular Indian film music composer.  He was born in Chennai, India as A.S. Dileep Kumar.  Rahman is a native Tamilian, which means a member of a South Asian ethnic group.  In 1992, A.R. Rahman made his first project in a Tamil movie called “Rose” (Roja).  Later on, the movie was dubbed into several different languages.  In addition, “Colorful” (Rangeela) constitutes the first Hindi movie relying on his direction.  He is well-known due to the fact that he combines Indian classical instruments with technology.

When he was a child, her father died and they had really bad times.  The fact that during this period of his life he was supported by a Muslim saint made him convert to Islam and change his name.  Two years later, he joined a theatrical group as a keyboardist.  Afterwards, he began playing on the orchestra of M.S. Vishwanathan and Ramesh Naidu, so he started touring around the world.  Due to this, he was given a scholarship at the Oxford University, where he graduated in Western classical music.  Thus, in 1191, he created the Panchathan Record Inn., his own studio, which was next to his house.

A. R. Rahman has worked and collaborated in extremely prestigious and famous films.  For this matter, he has received many prizes an immense amount of times. For instance, with his debut, he was given the award for best music director.  However, he won this award three more times: for Minsaara Kanavu in 1997, Lagaan in 2002 and Kannathil Muthamittal in 2003.   Furthermore, he has released some albums, including Vade Mataram an Indian national song and another one titled Jana gana mana, which gathers various great performances of the leading classical music artists in India.  Thus, if mentioning all the awards he has received for his high-quality creations is almost impossible, it must be due to a reason, do you not think?      

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