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The Artistic Career of the McCoys

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It is really fascinating to discover the artistic world of The McCoys, an Indiana group, which was pursued by the Strangeloves production team to cooperate with their material. Initially, the group was formed by Rick Zehringer, Randy, Dennis Kelly, and later Ronnie Brandon. As a matter of great luck, the release of “Hang on Sloopy,” as The McCoys’ first hit, was greatly accepted in the public, thus topping the US chart and reaching the UK Top 5. Indeed, this song was #1 in America and is the state rock song of Ohio.

Some other best-known singles include a top 40 cover of “Come On Let’s Go” and a top 10 cover of “Fever”. In addition, with Sorrow, a cover of the early stage of their career, they did not record much of original material, instead they were provided with productions from Feldman-Goldstein-Gottenhrer, which indeed resulted in variations from their first hit.

In the late 60s, they broke from their Bang producers to record progressive rock for Mercury. In the 70s, most of the group joined Johnny Winters backup band. Some of their best-known compilations are Psychedelic Years (One Way 1994) Hang On Sloopy: The Best Of The McCoys (Legacy 1995). In general, the McCoys has become a highly popular group across America because of its hits.

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