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France Joli: In spite of Disco declined!

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France Joli was born in Montreal, France in 1974. She is a singer who achieved, with only 16 years, to reach the highest positions in the charts of Canada and the United States with the disco single “Come to Me.” This hit was #13 and #1 on Billboard’s Pop Chart and Dance Chart respectively and #1 on the Hot Dance and Music/Club Play chart. “Come to Me” went gold and today, it is considered as a disco classic and one of the most important singles during the disco era. The hit was part of the soundtrack for the movie “54”, produced by Miramax.

However, the artist career of France Joli began even before her teens. Before she was discovered by the writer of “Come to Me” Tony Green, she had been working as a singer, dancer and actress and had an established performer career. Then, Tonyu Green become France’s manager. Her first album, labeled Prelude Records, was released in 1979 reaching number 15 in the pop charts of the United States. Five or six years after working with Prelude Records, she changed to Epic Records by the mid-eighties.

She released seven albums, among them: Tonight (1981), France Joli Now (1982), Attitude (1983), Greatest Hits (1989) including some of her most outstanding singles: “Let Go”, “Don't Stop Dancing”, “Playboy”, “Feel like Dancing”, “The Heart to Break The Heart”, “Gonna Get Over You”, and  “Partylights”. Different from many other disco artists that went by the wayside when disco declined, France released two new hits “Touch” (1996) and “Breakaway” (1997). She has been awarded with a Juno Award for Best New Artist and a Billboard’s Disco Award for Best New Artist in 1980. Without a doubt, the talent of France Joli allows her to continue a successful singer career that began with disco.

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