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Evelyn “Champagne” King: Artist Even Before Birth

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Originally born in New York in 1960 but raised in Pennsylvania, Evelyn King became one of the most important and popular disco and R&B singers after working with her mother as cleaning women in a record company when she was sixteen. T. Life, a producer of Philadelphia International Records, was the person who discovered the mature voice of a teenager. However, art is something that flows through her veins. Her uncle was the singer, dancer and actor Avon Long, and her father was Erik King, a singer also.

Once she signed with RCA, she released her debut album Smooth Talk (1977) and first single “Dancin’ Dancin’ Dancin’;” By that time, she was already Evelyn “Champagne” King. However, it was thanks to the single “Shame” that she got the recognition and fame her talent deserved. “Shame” is not only considered a disco classic but also went gold record in 1978 for sales. “Shame” reached # 9 in the Hot 100. Her following release “I Don't Know If It's Right” was crucial since it closed the era of disco. This single also went gold and, in addition, reached #23 in the Hot 100 of the Billboard Magazine.

Music Box, released in 1979, was her second album. This album along with Call on Me (1980) was her transition from disco to R&B. Probably for this reason, they were not as successful as Smooth Talk. Nevertheless, the singles “I'm In Love” in 1981 and “Love Come Down” in 1982 reached #40 and #23 on the Billboard Hot 100 respectively. Both singles and “Hold On to What You've Got” reached the top of Billboard R&B Hits. Other albums of Evelyn “Champagne” King are 1981’s I'm In Love, 1982’s Get Loose, 1983’s Face to Face, 1984’s So Romantic, 1985’s A Long Time Coming (A Change is Gonna Come), 1988’s Flirt and 1989’s Girl Next Door.

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