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Soundgarden: One of the Big Four Grunge Bands of Seattle

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Soundgarden was an influential rock/grunge band of Seattle. This band is considered one of the big four Seattle grunge bands alongside Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains. In 1984, Chris Cornell and Hiro Yamamoto formed Soundgarden. They came up with this name because of  “The Sound Garden”, an outdoor art/sound installation on NOAA property near Magnuson Park in Seattle.  The members of Soundgarden were: Chris Cornell (singer, used to play the drums), Hiro Yamamoto (bass), Kim Thayil (guitars), Scott Sundquist (drums), Matt Cameron (drums), Jason Everman (bass) and Ben Shepherd (bass). Soundgarden signed a record deal with Sub Pop and released the Screaming Life EP (in1987) and the Fopp EP (in 1988). In 1990, they released a compilation called Screaming Life/Fopp.

In 1988, Soundgarden signed with SST Records to release Ultramega OK, their first album. They received a Grammy Nomination for this album. The first album of Soundgarden with a major label was Louder Than Love, released by A&M Records. The most recognized album of Soudgarden is Superunknown; it includes songs like: “The Day I Tried to Live”, “Black Hole Sun”, “Fell on Black Days” and “Spoonman.” In 1996, Soundgarden released Down On The Upside, their last album. Some songs of Down On The Upside are: “Burden in My Hand”, “Blow Up the Outside World” and “Pretty Noose.” Chris Cornell released a solo album called Euphoria Morning before forming a group called Audioslave with former members of Rage Against the Machine.

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