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Richard Marx: Have Mercy

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Richard Marx is a contemporary songwriter and singer. He was born in Chicago, IL on September 16th, 1963. During the late 80’s and 90’s he had numerous hit singles like: “Hazard”, “Right Here Waiting”, and “Hold On to the Nights”. Despite his style at the beginning was ballad he changed to the classic rock style to create the songs that we can hear today. Some of them are “Should’ve Known Better”, “Wait for the Sunrise”, “Satisfied” and “Don’t Mean Anything”. Marx established a record because he has been the only solo artist who has had his first seven singles hit on the top of the US charts.

In 1987 he released his self titled debut which contains his favorite song “Have Mercy”. After that he launched two more albums (“Repeat Offender” in 1989 and “Rush Street” in 1991) but those were not successful at all. But in 1994 Marx launched “Paid Vacation”, by 2002 “Days in Avalon” and “My Own Best Enemy” in 2004.

Marx has also sung with other singers like Donna Lewis for the soundtrack to the movie “Anastasia” and he was background vocalist in the disc “True Blue” of Madonna. Richard has also written numerous songs for other singers such as: Kenny Loggins, Barbara Streisand, Emerson Drive, NSYNC, Barry Manilow, Michael Bolton and others.

For the 50th anniversary of Disneyland, Marx wrote the song “Remember When” and the last year released his last work entitled “Voice Covered”.

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