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Cheryl Lynn: A Real Diva!

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Lynda Cheryl Smith was born in Los Angeles in 1975. This African-American artist who performed R&B, Soul as well as Disco songs, was one of the most famous singers during the late seventies and eighties. She started singing very early at the church choir. In 1976, she began her musical career professionally when she got a job in the national touring company play. There, she worked first as background singer and then got the role of Wicked Witch of the West. The big change for her came when she participated in The Gong Show and her great range and beautiful voice caught the attention of Columbia Records.

With the album Cheryl Lynn, she achieved her first hit “Got to Be Real.” This single has been even considered to be part of one of the most important moments in disco. The success of this single was followed by songs such as “Star Love” (1979), “Shake It Up Tonight” (1981), “If This World Were Mine” (1982), and “Encore” (1984). They released nine albums in eighteen years: In Love (1980), In The Night (1981), Instant Love (1982), Preppie (1984), It's Gonna Be Right (1985), Start Over (1987), Whatever It Takes (1989), and Good Time (1996), which was her last release.

Although her last release dates back to 1996, she kept working in other musical projects. She worked with J Supreme, who is a Hip-Hop artist, in the single “Your Love (Encore),” an updated version of 1983’s “Encore.” Some time later, in 2002, she recorded again “Got to Be Real” to be used in the soundtrack for Undercover Brother. She also appeared in Disco Ball show. In 2004, Cheryl recorded the single “Sweet Kind Of Life” for the soundtrack for Sharktale. Cheryl has been recognized through different awards and recognitions, and she keeps giving concerts, some of them for charity.

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