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Enya: An Out-of-this-world Woman!

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Enya whose real name is Eithne Ní Bhraonáin, is considered to be the greatest Ireland’s solo musician since she has sold what any other musician could not.  Enya is, in some cases, introduced as Enya Brennan, which is the anglicized form of her name.  She was born on May 17, 1961.  One of the most amazing features of this singer is that she is successful in her three different facets.  Firstly, she is Enya, the person who performs the music that she herself composed, Nichy Ryan, who is in charge of the production of the albums, and Roma Ryan, who deals with the duty of writing the songs of the lyrics translated into some different languages.

In addition, she is believed to be one of the most important selling female musicians in history, and during two years in a row, 2001 and 2002, she was the biggest selling female artist.  However, she was always in contact with music.  When she was young, she, in conjunction with some of her siblings, formed the band that was called An Clann As Dobahair in 1968.  Twelve years old, she joined the group Clannad in which she not only was the keyboardist, but also provided backing vocals.  Some time after, she started her solo career.

It is amazing how many of her songs are completely sung in Latin or Irish, English or combined.  Nevertheless, in her latest album, which is called Amarantine, she sings in Japanese and Loxian, an invented language.  Enya’s music has been related to The Lord of The Rings, comprising “Lothlórien”, “May It Be” and “Aníron”.  Actually, she received a nomination for an Academy Award in 2002 for Best Song.  In 2002, Enya: The Video Collection in DVD was released in Asia and Europe by Warner Music.  Thus, without a doubt, Enya is one of the most famous women in the huge of music!

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