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The Angels: The Talented Girls

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Since youth, Peggy Davison and Jiggs Sirico started performing and recording together in “The Angels,” where they were able to demonstrate not only their artistic abilities on stage but also their personalities in every performance.

One of the privileges of this group was that they provided the backing vocal on singles for different singers such as Anthony Newly, David Geddes, Steve Lawrence, Frank Sinatra, Jackie Wilson, among others, and for producers and arrangers including Alan Lorber, Dan Costa, Lee Holdridge and Quincy Jones. When the teenage girl group released the single, “My Boyfriend’s Back,” it reached No. 1 on the United States charts, thus becoming their best-known record of all time.

In order to promote their musical material, this girl group has had various successful tours around Europe, has made many appearances on TV, night clubs and concerts in Mexico, Canada and the United States. Without any doubt, captivating and making the audience feel fascinated and excited are the result of this group’s talent, charisma, and compromise. In this way, people are more likely to enjoy a fantastic show and wanting more. 

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