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Clannad: A Band with a Great History!

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Clannad is a very famed Irish musical group that is well-known for the comprehensive kind of music they perform.  In fact, it has been very difficult to categorize their music although it has been classified as new age, Celtic and folk music.  This band is made up of five main members: Ciarán Brennan, Pól Brennan, Noel Duggan , Pádraig Duggan and Máire Ní Bhraonáin.  Nevertheless, Enya Brennan’s sister called Eithne Ní Bhraonáin was also part of it in the 80’s.

The name of the band, “Clannad”, comes from an Clann as Dobhar, meaning the family from Dore.  Thus, the one responsible for the formation of the band was the Brennan family in the early seventies.  They, now in conjunction with Pól, Ciarán and Máire, used to perform in Leo’s tavern, property of their father.  Although Enya joined this group in 1979, she decided to go solo in 1982.  On the other hand, Máire also had a solo career while she was in the band.  In fact, she released her first solo album, which was called Máire, in 1992.  Later on, she changed her name to Moya Brennan.

In 1985, their song “In a Lifetime”, performed in conjunction with Bono from U2, got to be a great success.  Also, the album released in 1996 titled Lore sold thousands of copies too.  Clannad was nominated three times to a Grammy Award; however, it was not until 1999 that they won a Grammy Award for Best New Age Album.  Hence, Clannad is a high-quality band that has become more and more successful every day, and their mega-selling albums are there to prove it.

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