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Matchbox Twenty: Formerly Matchbox20

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Matchbox Twenty is a rock group from Orlando, FL. The original name of the band was Matchbox20 but it was changed. The group is composed by Rob Thomas who is the lead singer, Paul Doucette who plays the drums, Brian Yale with the bass and Kyle Cook the guitarist. Rob, Brian and Paul had already played together in another band called “Tabitha’s Secret” in Orlando but they left the band to form their own and helped by Adam Gaynor who is guitarist.

After their formation, they released their debut album entitled “Yourself or Someone Like You” in 1996.  This album contains the singles “Long Day”, “Push”, “Real World”, “3 A.M.” and others that rapidly reached high positions in the Top 40 singles. This album sold more than 12 million copies only in the US. This gave the album the status of diamond. After the releasing of this disc and before the production of the next one, Rob, Carlos Santana and Itaal Shur wrote a song for the Santana’s comeback album. They both won several Grammys for that song named “Smooth”.

In 2002, the guys of the group now called “Matchbox Twenty” launched their second record named “Mad Season” which has several singles that later became hit singles of the band. Some of them “Bent” and “If You’re Gone”. For the next album all the members of the band wrote songs and it was very successful.

Matchbox Twenty released their third disc in 2002 entitled “More Than You Think You Are”. That disc has several hit singles like “Disease”, “Unwell” and “Bright Lights”.  Two years later the band released a concert DVD which contains 20 songs including their hit songs. In 2005 Gaynor left the group to dedicate to personal projects.

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