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A Life Between Success and Failure

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Marvin Gaye is one of the greatest talents who started the development of black music, making possible the subsequent evolution of this type of music around the world. Based on a extremely political and personal form of artistic self-expression, his work consisted on redefining soul music and on expanding its impact in order to get social change.

Throughout his childhood, Gaye was educated under certain restrictions as well as strict behavioral patterns; respecting the principles of Christianity. Indeed, this strong religious background influences Gaye’s life in a large extent because as soloist, his songs were heard in the choir of the Church. He also found in music a way to escape from the terrible reality of every single day at home when his father used to hit him.

After finishing high-school, he joined the Rainbows and then the Moon Glows, two street-corner doo wop groups. Starting a solo career was probably not the best choice because his early singles were not successful. Before this situation, he continued fighting for reaching the first positions in the charts; nevertheless, it was not easy due to the great demands in the music industry.

The result of his efforts was reflected in scoring various Top Ten hits. Some of his best-known songs include “Too Busy Thinking About My Baby,” “That’s the Way Love Is,” “Mercy, Mercy Me” and “Inner City Blues". Unfortunately, Gaye had to cope with his consuming addiction to cocaine, making him lose control over his life, and finally, having a tragic death after being assassinated.   

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