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John Denver: One of the Biggest During the 70’s

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John Denver was an American singer, songwriter and rock musician, he was born on December 31st, 1943 and died on October, 12th, 1997. His real name was John Deutschendorf Jr. Denver was one of the biggest selling artists during the 70’s. During his life he recorded 289 songs (he wrote 140 of those songs). He is widely recognized by some of his most famous songs such like “leaving on a Jet”, "Take Me Home", "Country Roads”, “Rocky Mountain High”, and “Thank God I’m a Country Boy”, among others.

Denver came to this world in Roswell, NM. His family was constantly moving across the American southwest and south due to his father's job (Air Force officer and flight instructor). When he was teenager his grandmother gave him a 1910 Gibson guitar. He adopted the surname “Denver” (his favorite city) and in 1964 moved to Los Angeles, CA. to join the “Chad Mitchell Trio”. Five years later he decided to leave the band to start a solo career. That year (1969) he released his first LP entitled “Rhymes and Reasons” which contains one of his hit singles “Leaving on a Jet”.

By 1970 he released two more discs (“Whose Garden Was This?” and “Take Me to Tomorrow”). The next year he released “Poems, Prayers and Promises” which has the single “Take Me Home, Country Roads” which went to #2. By 1972 he scored his first top 10 album entitled “Rocky Mountain High”. The next to years several of his songs were on the highest positions of different top lists.

Denver appeared in different TV shows like the Muppet Show and in 1977 starring in the movie “Oh, God!’. His last record “One World” was launched in 1986. John Denver died on October 12th, 1997 in a plane accident. That year he was honored on the Grammys and Country Music Awards.

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