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Nickelback: Giving Nickels Back

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Nickelback is a rock/post-grunge band that was founded in 1995 in western Canada.  Mike Kroeger (bass and backing vocals of the band) used to work at a Starbucks coffee shop; there, he had to give nickels back to the customers as change; that is how the band came up with their name. This band is from Hanna, Alberta but today, they are based in Vancouver, British Columbia. The road to success of this band was not free of obstacles but their second album (The State), had two Top 10 hits. Nickelback became really famous with their song “How You Remind Me” from the album Silver Side Up. “How You Remind Me” was the most-played single of 2002.

Silver Side Up was released on the tragic Tuesday, September 11, 2001. The current members of Nickelback are: Chad Kroeger (Lead Singer and Guitars), Ryan Peake (Guitar and Backing Vocals), Mike Kroeger (Bass and Backing Vocals) and Daniel Adair (Drums and Backing Vocals). Former members of Nickelback are: Brandon Kroeger (Drums) and Ryan Vikedal (Drums). The discography of Nickelback includes: Hesher, Curb, The State, Silver Side Up, The Long Road and All the Right Reasons.

Some hit songs of Nickelback are: “Fly”, “Leader of Men”, “Breathe”, “Old Enough”, “Worthy To Say”, “How You Remind Me”, “Too Bad”, “Never Again”, “Someday”, “Figured You Out”, “Feelin’ Way Too Damn Good”, “Because of You”, “Photograph”, “Far Away”, “Animals”, “Savin’Me” and “Someone that You’re With.”

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