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Foreigner: Dissolved and Regrouped Several Times

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Foreigner is a rock and roll band which was formed by Lou Gramm (also known as Louis Grammatico) and Mick Jones and Ian McDonald in Rochester, NY in 1976. Although the group has been hardly critiqued by its commercialism, it has sold more than 50 million records around the world until today. They combine the heavy metal style with the keyboards. The band composed by Mick (ex Nero, Spooky Tooth, The Gladiators and The Leslie West Band), Lou and Ian (ex King Crimson) and other 3 members was recognized at the time they formed the sextet.

In 1977 Foreigner released their self titled debut album that sold more than 4 million copies only in the US and stayed in the Top 20 for a whole year thanks to hit songs like “Cold as Ice”, “Feels Like the First Time” and “Long Long Away from Home”. One year later they launched their second album named “Double Vision” that sold 5 million copies and the next year (1979) their third record entitled “Head Games” which was also very successful.

In 1980 two members of Foreigner left the band and Rick Wills replaced them playing the bass. In 1981 with the addition of Wills the band released their fourth record called “4” which contains the biggest hit of the band, “Jukebox”. By 1984 their next album named “Agent Provocateur” has their only number one hit titled “I Want to Know What Love Is”.

After the release of that disc the band dissolved, but in 1987 they regrouped and launched the disc “Inside Information” and then Foreigner was dissolved once more due to differences among Lou and Mick. And in 1990 Mick decided to regroup the band again but replacing Lou with Johnny Edwards as the new lead vocalist. One year later these new Foreigners released the album “Unusual Heat” which has been qualified as the worst record of the group. On 2003 Lou joined the band again and Foreigner launched its comeback disc named “Mr. Moonlight” which was even worst than “Unusual Heat”. They stayed together until 2002.

By 2003 Lou left the band once more to start a solo career and then fprm the “Lou Gramm Band”. Again, Mick regrouped the band that we know today which is formed by Mick Jones (piano, guitar, keyboards and backing vocalist and the only original member), Thom Gimbel (guitar, saxophone and backing vocalist), Jason Bonham (drums), Jeff Jacobs (organ, piano, keyboards and backing vocalist), Jeff Pilson (bass guitar) and the substitute of Lou, Kelly Hansen who is the lead vocalist.

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