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Bee Gees: A Family of Natural Artists

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Bee Gees is one of the most important and outstanding bands of all time. Bee Gees is composed of three brothers: Barry (Vocalist and guitarist), Robin (vocalist) and Maurice (vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist and bassist). All of them are talented songwriters, producers, composers and singers. Bee Gees is characterized by a disco sound with harmonies which are natural, recognizable and contagious. The Brothers Gibb started singing since very early years, when they were only six and nine years old, and they continued singing even after their family moved to Australia.

In 1963, they released their first single called “The battle of the blue and grey”. The following three years were of hard work since they released three albums and 13 singles, among them their first real hit “Spicks and Specks”. They moved again to England and some time after their arrival they started performing with two new members Colin Peterson (drummist) and Vince Melouney (guitarists). The singles "New York Mining Disaster 1941," "Massachusetts," "I Started a Joke" and the albums Bee Gees' First, Horizontal and Idea belong to this era.

After a brief period in which Robin produced the solo album Robin's Reign, and Barry and Maurice presented their LP Cucumber Castle as a duo, in 1970, they worked in solo albums that were not released. The album 2 Years On (1970) is the return of the brothers Gibb singing together again. The most successful singles of that time were "Lonely Days," "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart," and "Run To Me." They kept working on the release of more albums with a considerable success. In 1977, they released the live album Here at Last, Bee Gees Live. Thanks to the acceptance of this album, they were asked to participate in the soundtrack for the movie Saturday Night Fever.

That same year the album Saturday Night Fever was released and broke all records becoming the most sold soundtrack ever. Three singles gave them great satisfaction and recognition: "How Deep Is Your Love," "Night Fever" and "Stayin' Alive." This was the brightest moment for disco and the Bee Gees were in part responsible for it. After this success, they accomplished other triumphs. Eleven albums followed the achievement of Saturday Night Fever. The last one was released in 2001 with the name This Is Where I Came In. Sadly, in 2003 Maurice died due to complications of a problem in his intestine.

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