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Willard Refused to “Sell Out”

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Willard was a band from Seattle, Washington that was formed in 1989. This band was a big part of the grunge movement that surfaced in the 80’s and 90’s. Willard was one of the more obscure representatives of it. Willard remained in the underground scene even though they could have broken out of it. A rare EP of Willard was released by Green Gel Records. In 1992, Jack Endino produced Steel Mill, the first and only album of Willard. However, the band recorded an album called Bone Grinder, but it was not released. Despite this, a song called “Larie” appeared in a compilation called Sounds of Seattle.

The Seattle Times wrote an article about Willard after an outdoor show that they performed at Seattle Center. The show was full of noise and disaster and it will never be forgotten. The City of Seattle and the Seattle Police Department banned the band and tried to stop them from playing new shows. Willard proudly wore T-shirts that said “banned by the SPD” and kept playing defying their enemies. The members of this band were Johnny Clint (singer), Otis P. Otis (guitars), Mark Spider (guitars), Darren Peters (bass), and Tyson Garcia (replacement of Darren Peters.

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