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Bill Monroe: Sixty Years Devoted to Bluegrass Growth

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Bill Monroe is well-known as one of the pioneers of Bluegrass; actually, he is considered the father of Bluegrass. The name Bluegrass was in fact taken from his band “Blue Grass Boys.” He was born on September 13, 1911, in Rosine, Kentucky. His career as a composer, singer and instrumentalist extended for sixty years.

He and his brothers, Birch and Charlie used to work in an oil refinery; in their free time, they performed at a radio station, near Indiana. This was the beginning of their passion for country and folk music, back in the 1930’s.

Monroe was recognized for playing wisely the mandolin; and as time passed, several musicians stated to play for the Blue Grass Boys: Mac Wiseman, Clyde Moody, Jimmy Martin, Don Reno, Randall Franks; there were more than 150 musicians during the existence of this bluegrass group.

One of his most distinguished songs “Blue Moon of Kentucky” has become a cover, not only for bluegrass artists, but also for rock and roll versions. Mr. Monroe died on September 9, 1996; though he passed away, he will always be in the hearts of devotees. He was inducted, in 1971, in the Country Music Hall of Fame.

There is a long road to discover in Monroe’s musical career; his legacy has been spread all over the country and has taken many sides, shades and colors.

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