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Lifehouse: Music With a Meaning

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Lifehouse is a melodic rock band of the United States. They are really popular among the audiences of mainstream and Contemporary Christian Music. In 2000, Lifehouse released No Name Face, their first album. Stanley Climbfall, the second album of Lifehouse was released in 2002. The self-titled third album of Lifehouse was released in 2005. The original members of Lifehouse were Jason Wade (vocals and guitar), Jon Palmer (drums) and Sergio Andrade (bass).

When No Name Face, the debut album of Lifehouse, was released, Jason Wade and Sergio Andrade were the founding members of the band that remained. Jon Palmer was replaced by Rick Woolstenhulme. Sean Woolstenhulme, the brother of Rick was added to Lifehouse to play the guitar. Their song “Hanging by a Moment” was signaled as the Most Played Song of 2001. The lyrics of the songs of Lifehouse are full of depth and spirituality. In 2004, Sean Woolstenhulme and Sergio Andrade left Lifehouse to work on other projects. Later on that year, Bryce Soderberg (AM Radio) became the new bassist of Lifehouse. The current members of Lifehouse are Jason Wade, Rick Woolstenhulme and Bryce Soderberg.

Some songs of Lifehouse are: “Everything”, “Hanging by a Moment”, “Sick Cycle Carousel”, “Breathing”, “Spin”, “Take Me Away”, “You and Me” and “Blind”, among others. “Everything” is one of the most popular songs of Lifehouse because it is played at the end of the first episode of Smallville. “Everything” is included in one of the soundtracks of Smallville. The song “You and Me” is also a part of one of the soundtracks of Smallville; in fact, it is played by the band onscreen in the episode where Clark has his high school prom.

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