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Nickel Creek: An Absolute Fresh Creation for Bluegrass Lovers

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Their youth and freshness brought an original style for bluegrass music; Nickel Creek belongs to the progressive bluegrass trend. It was originally formed in 1989 by four integrants, all of them citizens of California: Chris Thile, playing the mandolin; Sara Watkins, who plays the violin and her brother Sean Watkins, on the guitar. The fourth member, Chris’ father, who loves playing the string bass, had to be absent because of his job. Nowadays the new member is Mark Schatz.

Their beginning was very spontaneous; they once met at That Pizza Place, where they gathered to listen to the band Bluegrass Etc. Up to this day, Nickel Creek have recorded three albums; the second one was produced by Alison Krauss, who introduced them to find their own style. This release, called Nickel Creek, in 2000, was a complete success, and it is recognized as their first major release.

In 2003, they won a Grammy Award for their performance as Best Contemporary Folk Album, for the record called This Side. This album is considered gold; it has sold more than 500,000 copies. Their third album, Why Should the Fire Die?, was first released on August, 2005, and has been nominated for 2006’s Grammy Awards.

Their eclectic approach and their facility to combine the sound of jazz, classical and of course the roots of the bluegrass has crafted an artistic and brand new alternative for the bluegrass’ lovers.

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