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Fuel: Recharged and Ready

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Fuel is an alternative/post-grunge band that Carl Bell, Brett Scallions and Jeff Abercrombie formed in Tennessee in 1989. They moved to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in order to play at local bars and nightclubs. In 1996, Fuel released Porcelin, their first EP, which was extremely popular; therefore, in 1997, Sony’s 550 imprint released Hazelton, the second EP of Fuel. In 1998, Sunburn, the first full length album of Fuel was released. In 2000, Fuel returned with a new album (Something Like Human) after two years of absence. Something Like Human went platinum just like Natural Selection, which came out in 2003. On December 13th, 2005, The Best of Fuel, a greatest hits album of Fuel was released.

In 2006, singer Brett Scallions left the band on friendly terms. Today, Jeff Abercrombie and Carl Bell, the remaining members of the band, are searching for a new singer while they continue to prepare their 4th studio album. The only thing missing to complete the new album is a singer. The studio albums of Fuel are: Sunburn, Something Like Human and Natural Selection. The hit songs of Fuel are: “Shimmer”, “Bittersweet”, “Jesus or a Gun”, “Sunburn”, Hemorrhage”, “Innocent”, “Bad Day”, “Last Time”, “Falls on Me”, “Won’t Back Down” and “Million Miles.”

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