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Bush: Not the President or His Father

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Bush was a post-grunge band from the United Kingdom. This band was formed in 1992 but their first album wasn't released until 1994 with the name Sixteen Stone. The members of this band used to live in Sheperd’s Bush, London; therefore the name Bush. Domenic Troiano led a 70’s band of Canada called Bush too; he owned the rights of the name Bush in Canada; therefore, in Canada, the other Bush band was known as BushX. In 1997, Domenic Troiano let them use the name Bush without the X with one condition; each member of the band had to donate $20,000 to the Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund and to the Starlight Foundation.

In 2001, Bush released their fifth album, Golden State. This album was not successful and Atlantic Records (their record label) did not give much support to the band; that was the moment when Bush decided to take an undefined break. The members of this band decided to work on other projects; for instance, Gavin Rossdale formed a new band called Institute. The members of Bush are: Gavin Rossdale (Vocals), Dave Parsons (Bass), Robin Goodridge (Percussion), Sacha Putnam (Keyboards) and Chris Traynor (Lead guitar on the Golden State Tour) and Nigel Pulsford (lead guitar until 2002).

Gavin Rossdale (husband of Gwen Stefani and current lead singer of Institute) recently said that a return of Bush is not impossible. Some hit singles of Bush are: “Glycerine”, “Machinehead”, “Swallowed”, “Cold Contagious”, “The Chemicals Between Us”, “Warm Machine”, “Land of the Living” and “The People That We Love”, among others.

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