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America: Horse With No Name

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America is a soft rock and roll band which is widely recognized for their number one hits “A Horse With No Name” and “Sister Golden Hair”. The band is composed by Dewey Bunnell who is the lead vocalist and guitarist also, Gerry Beckley who plays the guitar, bass, keyboards and is also backing vocalist and Dan Peek (who left the band in 1977) who played bass, guitar, harmonica and keyboards. They were really successful commercially but they were also much critiqued. During the 70’s they were the largest selling group of Warner Brothers Records.

The band was formed in the mid 60’s when the guys met each other while they were stationed in England with the army. They formed the group and produced their first LP (produced by Ian Samwell). This self titled LP was released in Europe but it was not very successful. Samwell helped the band to get a contract with Warner Brothers Records and launch their first single “Horse With No Name” which became very popular.

When America got the contract with Warner Brothers they re-released their first album and rapidly got platinum status. With this recording company they also launched their second record named “Homecoming” which contains the song “Ventura Highway”. In 1977 after the production of the disc Harbor Peek left the band.

The new duo continued releasing more albums and had their biggest hit entitled “You Can Do Magic” (in 1982), which reached the position number 8 on the pop charts. After some other hits the band launched their last disc on 2002 which is entitled “Complete Greatest Hits”.

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