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Alejandro Sanz: Proud of Spain!

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Alejandro Sanz, whose real name is Alejandro Sanchez Pizarro, was born on December 18, 1968 in Madrid.  This Spanish ballad/pop singer started to play the guitar when he was only 7 years old, and three years later, he composed his first songs.  When he was sixteen years old, he moved from Pueblo Nuevo to Moratalaz.  There, he began taking management classes while he recorded his first album.  Alejandro Sanz started his artistic career with Viviendo Deprisa, which was produced by Miguel Angel Arenas.  This album was so successful that it sold millions of copies and went platinum seven times.  This fact allowed Alejandro to become one of the greatest Spanish singers and composers.

In 1993, Alejandro Sanz released his second album called Si tú me miras.  With this album, Sanz was able to work in conjunction with other famed artists such as Chris Cameron and Paco de Lucía.  One year after releasing this, Alejandro’s fans could enjoy the tribute Sanz made especially for them: Alejandro Sanz Básico.  For this matter, this album includes some outstanding tracks of some albums released before.  However, one of the most successful albums of Alejandro corresponds to Alejandro Sanz III, which was recorded in 1995 in Venetia.

Among Alejandro Sanz’ greatest hits, it is possible to mention “Mi Soledad y Yo”, “La Fuerza del Corazón”, “Quiero Morir en Tu Veneno”,  “Si Tu Me Miras”, “Como te Echo de Menos”, “Pisando Fuerte” and “Se Le Apago la Luz” (MTV Unplugged).  This album, the MTV Unplugged, was released in 2001.  The follow-up album was a special edition called El Alma Al Aire, released in that same year too.  Two years later, Alejandro Sanz released No Es Lo Mismo and in 2004, the album Grandes Exitos (greatest hits).  Last year, the album in which the song La Tortura is included was released.  Hence, Alejandro Sanz, an artist who has won 14 Grammy Awards, is one of the most well-known singers in Spain.

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