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Air Supply: Critiqued Duo

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Air Supply is a duo of pop musicians. Graham Russell who is guitarist and vocalist also and Russell Hitchcock who is the main vocalist. Graham is from England and Hitchcock is from Australia. They met each other in 1975 in Australia when they both were performing the music for the musical Jesus Christ Superstar. By 1976 these guys along with Chrissie Hammond formed the band (composed of five members). Hammond left the band and was substituted with Jeremy Paul and in that year they released their first hit single entitled “Love and Other Bruises”.

It was also the title of their debut album which reached Gold status in Australia and several top 40 hits in other countries. They also opened a tour of Rod Stewart and during that tour Jeremy left the band. The band was reformed in 1978 and for those times it was composed by Russell and Graham, Frank Esler Smith (keyboardist), David Green the bassist, David Moyse and Rex Goh both guitarists and Ralph Cooper in the drums.

The next year after the reformation of the band, they released their second album named “Life Support" which contains the single “Lost in Love” that Graham wrote in 15 minutes. This single attracted the attention of the producer Clive Davis who launched to the American audience and reached three US top fives. After that record they released three more hit albums (“The One That You Love”, "Now and Forever” and “Greatest Hits”).

The band became really famous but it was also much critiqued and has been the object of parodies of several TV shows. Some of them: Family Guy, The Simpsons, South Park and Saturday Night Live. The band released 30 discs between the years 1976 and 2005.

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