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Cascada Amazing Multitudes on Its Tours

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Cascada is composed of singer Natalie Horler and two German DJ-producers Manian and Yanou. Cascada, better know as Cascade is renowned around the planet as the trio owner of the Top song "Everytime We Touch", a mix of the Maggie Reiley single. The plan was in the beginning called "Cascade", but was altered due to lawful problems to "Cascada". The title "Cascade" can be read on the initial edition records and CDs of "Miracle" make known by the band by their unit label at the date, Andorfine, but this mistake was soon fixed and the song was re-launched with the Cascada title with new wrap art. The initial versions are now out of store and creation, and might very fit be known as a part of history in the extended run.

Cascada has labored on several plans for DJ Manian and a 2 Vibez song by Bass-T named "Sometimes". DJ Manian and Yanou produced the melodies and beat that influenced Cascada's songs. Another plan that Natalie, DJ Manian, and Yanou have labored on mutually is the "Siria" side plan that produced the songs "I Will Believe It" and "Endless Summer".  Some of its works are: "How Do You Do!", "Everytime We Touch", "Bad Boy", "Miracle" and innumerable re-mixes. "How Do You Do!” a pre-song of the 1992 Roxette single, was launched on November 19, 2005.

Cascada has been full of activity traveling America in addition to Germany, Ireland and Austria having amazing multitude and acquiring excellent reviews. New York Times said, "a bright female voice, a hard and ruthless beat, a tune catchy enough to ruin your day..."

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