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Composer and producer Michael Cretu and his wife Sandra Cretu initiated the Enigma musical project in 1990, with Sandra providing vocals on some of the songs. The couple also works parallelly on another project named “Sandra” which has already released five studio albums and is currently working on the sixth.

A characteristic feature of all Enigma albums (except the album Voyageur) is that they all start and end with the sound of a horn. This particular horn sound is mixed into the first track in the introductory music and added at the end of the album mixed in the last track final sounds.

The music of Enigma is rich and incorporates many overlapping sounds, from Gregorian chants and tribal chants, to Shakuhachi flutes, reversed vocals and experimental samples. Everything is mixed and carefully arranged into the final sensual, harmonizing songs.

Enigma’s first albums influenced other bands to compose and perform similar kinds of music, among which the most notable are Era and Gregorian. Their songs have also featured in TV shows and movies, such as in La Femme Nikita, Charlie’s Angels, and The Matrix movie trailer. Their song “Return to Innocence” is one of the most popular ones of Enigma, and has appeared in Virgin Atlantic advertising as well as several other TV commercials worldwide.

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