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Miranda Lambert: The Beautiful Blond Girl of the Country Music

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Miranda Lambert is a country music singer that was born in Lindale, TX on November 10th, 1983. She became a singer when she was a finalist in the USA Network’s talent competition of Nashville on the 2003. Lambert is the daughter of private investigators, but her father is also a guitarist and a songwriter. She said that her interest for country music started when she went to a concert of Garth Brooks. After that she began to sing in talent contests.

When Miranda was 16 years old she started to appear on the Johnny High Country Music Review in Arlington, TX. That show also helped her to start her singing career. After that she went to Nashville, TN to record her first disc which frustrated her because it was too pop and that was not what she wanted. Lambert got back to Texas and started to write songs and taking guitar lessons from her dad.

Miranda made her first apparition in Texas in 2001 when she auditioned for the program Nashville Stars (she finished in the first place of Texas). In that contest she finished on the third place. Sony records signed Lambert in 2003 and two years later she released her debut album which is entitled “Kerosene”. This record debuted on the number one position on the country album charts of that year.

Nashville recognized the disc as one of the best albums of 2005 and the RIAA certified it as gold album. Miranda also won a Grammy Award in the category of “Cover Girl Fresh Face of Country Music”.

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