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Men in Black

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Men in Black is an action comedy science fiction movie that was directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones were the main protagonists of Men in Black. This movie is about a secret agency that is no longer part of the U.S. government. This agency allows the entrance of aliens to this planet and is in charge of monitoring them while they stay here. The members of the Men in Black use sunglasses and dark suits and supposedly appear on UFO landing sites, just like the real life Men in Black. Men in Black II was released on 2002.

The soundtrack of Men in Black features artists such as: Will Smith, Snoop Dogg, Ginuwine, Alicia Keys, Roots, Trey Lorenz, Nas, Emo ja, A Tribe Called Quest, Destiny’s Child, 3T, De La Soul, Buckshot LeFonque and Danny Elfman. The main songs of this album are: “Men In Black” (Will Smith), “M.I.B Main Theme” (Danny Elfman) and “M.I.B. Closing Theme” (Danny Elfman). Some of the songs of the soundtrack of Men in Black II are: “Worm Lounge #1” [Worms in Black] (Pete Anthony), “The Light” (Pete Anthony), “The Finale” (Pete Anthony) and “Black Suits Comin’ [Nod Ya Head] (Will Smith).

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