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Kenney Chesney: Man of Success

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Kenneth Arnold Chesney (better known as Kenny Chesney) was born in Luttrell, TN on March 26th, 1968. He is a country music singer that is widely recognized in the US and also for his laid back style of his music. By 1990 he graduated from East Tennessee State University (located in Johnson City) with a B.S. in mass communication. Chesney also studied in the Lambda Chi Alpha International Fraternity. One of his most recognized records is “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems”.

Kenny is a tall man of a spectacular physical condition that he usually displays in his videos using shirtless scenes. He said that he really enjoys that. The major hit single of Chesney is named “Fall in Love” that reached the Country Top 10 in 1995; the single “All I Need to Know” also reached it but it was not as successful as the past.

In 1996 he reached the Top 10 again with his song “Me And You” (that single was in the position number 5). In 1997 he reached the first position on the Top with his single “She’s Got It All”; this song was also for three weeks on the top of the Billboard chart of the country.

Chesney is very influenced by the music of other singers like George Jones, John Mellencamp and Jimmy Buffett. In 2004, Chesney won the Country Music Association’s Entertainer of the Year award.. Kenny has launched eleven discs between the years 1994 and 2005; those discs contain several singles that reached the highest places in different charts and radio stations.

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