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Carl Cox a Worldwide Renowned DJ

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Carl Cox's story starts in Manchester, England where his family came from their national Barbados and where Cox was born. Like several born as the initial generation out of their familial ancestry, Cox adheres not to his parents' place of birth, but added to the surroundings in which he was developed. The South of London was where Cox and his family established. He used up mainly of his influential years bordered by a warm setting where his parents enjoyed doing parties in their home for family and friends on a customary roots. It was in this community circle that Cox educated to satisfy the multitudes of people and sired closeness with guests throughout the way of sound. As Carl grew older he turned into a portable DJ, hired to perform at differents events and other weddings. He attributes his unprejudiced music strategy to these humble beginnings which gave him his first understanding of finding what a multitude requires and how to transport it with his own techniques.

Carl illustrates his music as a representation that people can be taken as one from diverse locations yet provides a common and positive journey. His worldwide reputation is a testimony to this. Carl's frantic DJing agenda has seen him playing across the planet, having toured to Japan, Australia, Israel and South Africa. In July of last year, Cox performed to more than one million people at the mainly revered of all ramble traditions events, the well-known Love Parade in Berlin.

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