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Dead Can Dance

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Dead Can Dance is a music band whose members are Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry. Formed in Melbourne in 1981 and originally established in Australia, the members of the band separated temporarily in 1981 and reunited for a tour through Europe and North America (Canada, the United States and Mexico) in 2005.

Due to the poor potential for success in Australia, Dead Can Dance traveled to London and after a year they signed to the legendary alternative rock label 4AD. Soon thereafter, the band achieved great success and became one of the most important bands of the label. Both members of the band worked closely together until 1990 when Perry moved to Ireland while Gerrard returned to Australia. This didn’t break up the band, and Perry assures that the distance helps keeping an individual freedom in creativity.

Dead Can Dance has a very eclectic style of music. Although their first albums could be considered gothic rock, their later songs include world music from ancient and foreign places together with singing of seemingly meaningless syllables (or perhaps utterances of an unknown mystical language). Consequently, their work after The Serpent’s Egg is quite different from the first three albums. Some of the genres associated with Dead Can Dance are New Age, Ethereal Goth, and Dark World Music.

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