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Yanni Chrysomallis

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Yanni Chrysomallis is a Greek musician born in Kalamata on November 19th, 1954. Since he was a child, Chrysomallis played the piano, although he never took lessons for that instrument, playing popular songs in his free time. He lived in Greece until turning 14, and when he was 18 years old, Chrysomallis had already settled in the United States.

The music of Yanni Chrysomallis is instrumental with influences of New Age. The notes released by Chrysomallis’ keyboard are emotional, a characteristic that has greatly contributed to his success. Chrysomallis is also very creative when it comes to composing romantic ballads. His commercial success began in 1993 with the release of Live at the Acropolis, Chrysomallis’ first live album and video, filmed at the Herodian Amphitheater in Athens. This album featured a full orchestra under the supervision of conductor Shardad Rohani, the Royal London Philharmonic Orchestra.

Yanni Chrysomallis’ songs have been featured in television scores, tournaments, plays, and even in the Olympic Games. CBS Sports and NBC Sports use songs by Yanni Chrysomallis for their telecasts. In addition, “Once upon a Time”, another piece composed by him is used by Hong Kong’s TVB for their weather forecast. Other pieces have been used in several sports events, such as “Acroyali / Standing in Motion”, a song used in the pregame lightshows of the hockey team the New Jersey Devils.

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