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Bad Boy Joe Master in Editing Records

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Joe Marcano, better know as Bad Boy Joe, is a DJ, producer and remixer from Brooklyn. He lives a dual life, spinning tribal-house one night and brilliant freestyle the next. Energized by the music of the Nunez and Latin Rascals Chep, Bad Boy Joe acquired his first couple of turntables in 1998. He made mixtapes for friends, and their enthusiasm influenced Joe to take it to the next level. He acquired a second-hand reel-to-reel, several shaver blades, and a lot of Scotch adhesive tape and began re-editing and remixing songs. His DJing and re-editing abilities gave him to the interest of Louie DeVito, who signed Joe to assist with his NYC Underground Party editing sequences.

Bad Boy Joe is distant from being the classic music producer. Best recognized as the man behind numerous victorious editing records, most particularly The NYC Underground Party Records, that up to now have sold more than 1,700,000 records and continue the principal selling music records in United State history, and increasing on this hit with the Dance Divas and Dance Factory series. Plus to this, his own thriving Feel The Drums or NYC AfterHours sequences, that up to now have vended more than 75,000 records, and the Old School Freestyle collections: The Best Of Freestyle Megamix Volumes 1 Thru 5, that also have vended more than 400,000 records, and Bad Boy Joe is definitely a professional of his technique.  

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