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Clapton: The Real Sounds Of Blues

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On March 30, 1945; Eric Patrick Clapton , one of the most talented guitar players and composers was born at his grandparent’s home at 1 The Green, Ripley, Surrey, England. His mother was only 16 years old when she had him and she found it extremely difficult to raise a child on her own. His grandparents stepped in as surrogate parents and took him under their care. Eric grew up believing his mother was his sister.

At home, Clapton was surrounded by music. His grandmother played the piano and she together with Eric’s uncle enjoyed listening to the big bands. His mom told Eric Clapton’s official biographer that Clapton’s father was a gifted musician who used to play the piano in Surrey. Those who met him in that time affirm he was a quiet and polite boy, who always demonstrated aptitudes for art. Nevertheless, when he was 9 he learned the truth about his parents. This event hurt him deeply, and after knowing it, he became distant and moody and failed school. They ended up sending him to the art branch of Holyfield Road School.

When Clapton turned 13 years old, his grandmother gave him a Spanish Hoya guitar, which he found extremely difficult to play. Nevertheless, in 1961, when Clapton became 16, he entered the Kingston College of Art on one year probation but he was expelled very soon for not submitting enough work. He was already busy and submerged into guitar playing and listening to blues. He began exploring the roots of this musical genre, which he found fascinating by the fact that it fit perfectly with his self-perception of being different from other people.

In 1963, Clapton joined his very first band, The Roosters. Meanwhile, he worked as a laborer at building site to support himself. In October of that same year, Paul Samwell-Smith asked Clapton to become a member of The Yardbirds. With this group, he recorded his first albums; nevertheless, when he felt the group was moving into a more commercial sound, he quit. His thing was the blues.

In 1965, John Mayall asked Clapton to join his group. It was in here where Clapton established himself as one of the most prestigious guitarists in America and earned his nickname “God”. In July 1966, Eric got together with Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce to form Cream. With Cream, Eric was able to tour all around the U.S and recorded three albums, Fresh Cream, Wheel of Fire and Disraeli Gears, With Cream, Clapton’s reputation as a premier guitarist was buried and his reputation as a superstar was born. Cream is considered one of the groups that most influenced rock groups of the modern era. Cream was together only for two years.

After this event, Clapton formed many groups which had little success. In 1974, Clapton recorded 461 Ocean Boulevard, an album with which he became an assured composer and vocalist plus a hero for all guitarists. After this album, Clapton reinvented himself musically. Ever since, Clapton has accumulated a number of hits and new audiences have been attracted by his peculiar sound.

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