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Andy Hunter a British Composer and DJ

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Andy Hunter was born in the center-land of England in the middle 1970s, and became implicated in music in his first days of teenage years, and became attracted in sound production in the 90's. He is a composer for EDM music and British DJ, frequently with a Christian bend. He started to labor with The Wonder Stuff and Suede. In 1992, he united the Mission and New Generation Music as a tour engineer and went to Bristol a view that was contravention bass and drum. Over the following ten years, Hunter labored hard in the recording studio, producing a new and electrifying way of music. In fall of 2002, his labor finished in his impressive work Exodus, that he distributed on Nettwerk. Early in 2005, Hunter distributed a 6-song record named Life. With news like Rolling Stone giving his initial record Exodus supports, and emergences in video movies and games, he has traveled all the way through Europe, Japan and the United States with number one names in the dance song industry.

He, in recent times, plays at Midem's aperture night party in Cannes, France, a worldwide music convention that gets together heads of business from the technology and music world. Last year, he also was on the stage at the Digital Entertainment Anywhere opening, guided by Bill Gates, in Los Angeles.

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