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Delerium is a New Age music band from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The band was formed in 1987 originally as a side plan of Front Line Assembly, an influential industrial music act. However, the musical style of Delerium has changed with their history, and their music has been in contact with a broad range of musical spheres, from electronic pop music to voiceless industrial soundscapes and dark ethereal ambient.

Delerium’s most popular album is certainly Karma, and most people only know the work of Delerium under the Nettwerk label, because prior to the release of their album Semantic Spaces, the band was barely known in the pop-music scene. The huge commercial success of Delerium is due mainly to “Silence”, a single that originally appeared in the album Karma, and which had thereafter many remixes that flooded the dance clubs, including several produced by DJ Tiesto, Fade, and Airscape. The song features vocals by Sarah McLachlan, which made the single climb up to the third place of the UK charts and gain significant radio airplay.

Up to this day, Delerium has released 15 albums, 12 singles, and 6 compilations. In addition, the band’s work is found in several third-party compilations and a good number of remixes.

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