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Don Omar: Proud of Puerto Rico!

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Today, Don Omar is one of the greatest Latin American examples of this great music genre called reggaeton.  Don Omar, whose real name is William Omar Landrón, was born on February 10, 1978, in Villa Palmeras, Puerto Rico.  He is different from the rest of the reggaeton singers since he usually sings in English due to his crossover success in the United States.  In fact, Don Omar is not only a singer, but also a songwriter that started being interested about composing when he was only twelve years old.  Thus, his talent was cultivated firstly in Church since he used to perform in many religious musical celebrations.  Nevertheless, according to his own narration, he left his church because he was sentimentally disillusioned.

After leaving church, he began looking for something else, and finally, he found reggaeton without knowing that it was going to be his place.  Hence, Hector El Bambino, member of the duet called Hector y Tito, gave Don Omar the chance to produce for him after hearing what he could do.  Thus, Don Omar started producing for other artists, including Las 9 Plagas and collaborating in great hits such as MVP Grayskull (Te estas calentando), Da’Flex and the Godfather (Dejala).  This is just one reason why Don Omar is rising in a very impressive and successful way and, actually, MTV has recognized his talent several times.

His first album was called The Last Don and was released in 2003.  One year later, Don Omar released another album which was called The Last Don LIVE, but, that very same year, he released his The Last Don Live (DVD version).  In 2005, Don Omar produced a various-artist album under his record label, which is called All-Star Enterprises.  This CD was called Los Bandoleros.  In addition, he released his last album called Da Hit Man Presents Reggaeton Latino, which is a CD encompassing many guest stars.  Therefore, Don Omar’s fans may expect lots of success since this famed artist is doing better everyday!

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