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Acoustic Alchemy

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Acoustic Alchemy is a British band with a contemporary instrumental and smooth jazz sound. The band was formed in England in the early 1980s by Nick Webb and Simon James, both acoustic guitarists. Since that year, the band has evolved and incorporated sounds enhancing their music up to this day.

Simon James and Nick Webb were pioneers in this genre in the UK, for which there was a little appreciative audience who only knew American players. Acoustic Alchemy’s nylon and steel sounds were an immediate success, and the band also incorporated a double bass, percussion and sometimes string quartet The Violettes. James left the band in the mid 1980s, however, the band kept on going, and soon a successor was found. He was Greg Carmichael, and together with Webb, they started working as an in-flight band on Virgin Atlantic flights, and quickly signed to MCA for their first album called “Red Dust and Spanish Lace”, which was a total success. “Mr. Chow”, Acoustic Alchemy’s first single from the album, integrated traditional Chinese music elements with reggae.

Today, the band has released 15 albums. Their latest one, “American/English” explores a wide range of different genres. The current members of Acoustic Alchemy are Anthony White, Miles Gilderdale, Gref Carmichael, Eddie M, and Frank Felix.

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