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Faith Hill: From Secretary to Singer

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Faith Hill is an American Country music singer. Her real name is Audrey Faith Perry and she was born on September 21, 1967 in the city of Jackson, MS. She is not recognized for her music only; she is also recognized for her much publicized marriage with the country music singer Tim McGraw. Faith started to sing at a very early age in Star, MS. Hill went to the college only a small time because she decided to move to Nashville to become a country music singer.

Faith met her biological mother in 1990 (she was adopted). For those times she was married to a music executive named Dan Hill (not the songwriter and singer of the 70’s Dan Hill, better known for his pop hit called “Sometimes When We Touch”). Faith was with Dan until 1994. After the divorce she started to work as a secretary in a music publishing corporation. The ability of Hill for the music was noticed when she was singing for herself once in the office.

She signed to Warner Brothers Records and in 1993 she released her debut record entitled “Take Me As I Am”. After the release of this album she was submitted to a vocal cords surgery. But in 1995 she launched her second disc called “It Matters To Me”. By 1996 she married Tim McGraw while touring.

Two years later her third album “Faith” was released. This album contains the single “This Kiss” which became the #1 hit of country in that year. By 1999 she launched “Breathe” which won a Grammy Award in the category of “Best Country Album”. By 2002 Hill released her fifth disc entitled “Cry”, but it was not much successful because it was considered too pop. However, this album also won a Grammy Award and sold 3 million copies around the world. Her last disc was released by 2005; it is named “Fireflies”.

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