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NewSong Following God’s Guide

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NewSong is a contemporary Gospel Music band and was nominated for a Grammy. It started in 1980 with initial members Eddie Middleton, Bobby Apon, Billy Goodwin, and Eddie Carswell. They have had seventeen number one hits on the CCM chart, and acquired a Dove Award in 2003. The group at present is composed of Billy Goodwin, Eddie Carswell, Michael O'Brien, Scotty Wilbanks, and Matt Butler. Other members consisted of Steve Reischl, Russ Lee, Charles Billingsley, and Clay Crosse.

NewSong has been composing and playing remarkable songs about faith and life since their launch. Classics, features “The Christmas Shoes,”  “Arise, My Love,” “People Get Ready” and “Red Letter Day,” that became a hit conventional AC radio song, and became fan and radio preferred. In 1994, they distributed the example of Jam shows series multi-artist; ticket free concerts that give hundreds the chances to not only hear unbelievable music, but also to listen to the Christian message. And the people acted in response gratifying NewSong with 5 of the Top 100 Gospel radio songs of the past years, and more than 2 million records sold up to now. The band has played before more than one million people in the past 5 years and in front of more than 250,000 in the past year unaccompanied most significantly, during their first 22 appointments of 2005, more than 7,787 people made choices for Christ and more than 4,300 child supports were obtained for World Vision. However for this group of skilled artists and musicians, the songs, the success, and the longevity, have been the product of following the guide of God.

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