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Yellowcard: Success from Florida

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Yellowcard is a rock group from Jacksonville, FL. Some say that the style of the music of this group can be classified as pop punk but also has elements of emocore. A different aspect of the music played by this band is that they uses the violin making them the only rock group that uses this instrument in their songs.Yellowcard was born in 1997 in Jacksonville when Ben Dobson the vocalist, Todd Clarry the guitarist and backing vocalist, Ben Harper second guitarist, Sean Mackin in the violin, Warren Cooke the bassist and Longineu Parsons the drummer met at the Douglas Anderson School of Arts.

By 1997 Yellowcard released their first album which was entitled “Midget Tossing”. After the launch of this album Ben Dobson and Todd Clarry were replaced by Ryan Key who is vocalist and guitarist. Key persuaded the guys of the band to move to Southern California, he told them that they will not be successful in Florida. With the incorporation of Key the group launched their second and debut album named “One For The Kids” in the year 2001 and the next year they also released their EP called “The Underdog” which was very successful.

Nevertheless, the Yellowcard guys became famous when they signed to Capitol Records in the 2003 and launched the disc “Ocean Avenue”. The record was rapidly accepted by the fans especially for the lyrics and also for the different music style of the group. Today the Yellowcard band is widely recognized in the US and other countries.

They have toured with groups like “Something Corporate And Less Than Jake”. They also participated in the soundtrack for the movie “Spider Man 2” and also on the compilation of  “Rock Against Bush Vol. II”.

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