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Kumbia Kings: Fuego, Fuego.. The Roof Is on Fire!!

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“Kumbia Kings” is the name that a very successful Latin pop band from Texas receives.  They are really well-known due to the wide range of Cumbia styles they include in their songs in conjunction with the R&B style.  The Kumbia Kings produce songs in both English and Spanish, and it is precisely here where a great part of their success lies since they are able to satisfy the Latin population living in the United States.  The producer of the band is the very well-known A.B. Quintanilla, which is also known for being Selena’s brother.  Nevertheless, he plays the bass guitar and acts as a songwriter too.  The band is made up of seven members.  Thus, Nando, Pangie, Pee Wee and Abel Talamantez are the vocalists, Cruz “CK” Martínez is the producer and the keyboardist, Chris Perez plays the lead guitar and Sexy Nino B is a rapper and dancer.

Kumbia King’s debut was carried out in 1999, and since that moment, they have produced 7 albums.  Their fist album, which was called Amor, Familia y Respeto, was very successful; they sold more than 500,000 copies.  In addition, with this album, Kumbia Kings was nominated for the Grammy’s, and some time after, they received a nomination at the 2003 American Music Awards for the “Latin Artist of the Year.”  SHHH! (2001), All Mixed Up: Los Remixes (2002) and 4 (2003) are included among the rest of the albums that they released during these years.  With Fuego, which is their 8th studio album produced in the 2004, they got to sell more than half a million copies.

Last year, Kumbia Kings released a wonderful album called Duetos, and now, they are already working on what is going to be their next album.  In spite of the fact that today’s Kumbia Kings is not even similar to the one originated around 8 years ago in Corpus Christi, A.B. Quintanilla is planning to reunite former members.  Nonetheless, no matter what happens, their fans are sure that Kumbia Kings will always be part of the great Latin music and the greatest bands in America.

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