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Black Sabbath

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Black Sabbath, or sometimes simply Sabbath, is a famous British heavy metal band. Its original members were Ozzy Osburne in the vocals, Tony Iommi in the guitar, Geezer Butler in the bass, and Bill Ward in the drums. Black Sabbath formed in the late 60’s in Birmingham, England, with the initial name of Polka Tulk Blues Band, then “Earth Blues Company”, “Polka Tulk”, and later Earth.

The band Earth was originally a blues band, but it started to turn darker when Butler, fan of the black magic novels of Dennis Wheatley, wrote a song with an occultist feel called “Black Sabbath” (a name possibly adapted from a horror movie of Boris Karloff of the year 1963). The band adopted the name later on in order to avoid confusion with other local band also called Earth. Black Sabbath started playing songs with darker themed lyrics and a slower and more threatening style, until becoming one of the classic heavy metal bands. Black Sabbath was a very versatile band, with many distinctive sounds, and which influence on rock and metal has been compared to Led Zeppelin’s, Deep Purple’s, and Judas Priest’s. Some even regard them as the creators of the genre, as well as of a number of subgenres such as doom metal, death metal, and stoner metal.

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