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Led Zeppelin

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Led Zeppelin is a British rock music band founded in 1968 by guitarist Jimmy Page. John Paul Jones joined the band as the bassist, and Page already knew him for his previous work with The Yardbirds. The vocalist position was taken by Robert Plant, and the soon the drummer John Bonham joined the group, both had been in The Band of Joy previously, and with all these members Led Zeppelin was born, one of the most influencing bands in the history of rock and the band that set the first stones upon which the hard rock and even the heavy metal was to be created. In fact, Led Zeppelin is considered as the first heavy metal band by many, although most of their fans were not exactly fans of the metal genre.

Led Zeppelin’s first album was edited in 1969, the album was also called Led Zeppelin. It was an amazing success, as their second album, Led Zeppelin II, also was, settling the band and reaching the first positions in the British and US charts. Their next album featured four strange symbols as its title, but it is commonly known as Led Zeppelin IV. After that album, the band released Houses of the Holy, an innovative approach incorporating new music genres into their music.

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